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Nexcess — Web Hosting for Experienced WordPress

Overall Score: 2.6 out of 5

Nexcess may be a intensify for the opposite web hosts on this list. It’s a top-tier web host for WordPress users.

They don’t offer shared hosting plans and that they concentrate on ecommerce platforms.

It’s for users who know what they’re doing and need a touch more control over their servers and web hosting experience. So, it’s not as beginner-friendly because the others.

And the scoring reflects this.

Nexcess offers managed hosting, something we haven’t talked about. It makes managing a site much easier because it removes most if not all of the DIY management of your website. Extending another freedom from stress with Nexcess.

However, it’s the setup and onboarding that needs more technical knowledge and understanding of fixing web hosting.

Here’s how they did in our five major categories:

  • Ease of Use = 2/5
  • Uptime = 5/5
  • Speed = 4/5
  • Price = 1/5
  • Customer Support = 4/5

Ease of Use: 2/5 – Nexcess isn’t for beginners, so simple use takes successful . It’s made for those that know a touch more about web hosting.

There is little or no direction whatsoever after you’re done signing up.

All the hosts that scored higher immediately took you to a setup wizard, but you’re left to work things out on your own with Nexcess.

It’s clear this host is supposed for experienced users who want something with better performance, but don’t want to hand over $25 or $30 per month.

When you start , you decide on your payment terms. We went with the monthly plan.
After that, you’ll change the name of your decide to keep track of them and also choose your server location.

There are five server locations:

  • Asia Pacific
  • Amsterdam
  • London
  • Michigan
  • California

No other web host thus far has allowed you to try to to this.

Then, you’ll see an order summary. There are not any upsells, so you don’t need to worry about any unnecessary extras.

You also get a welcome email before finalizing your purchase with info on the way to finish fixing your account.

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