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InMotion Hosting — Best Price for Hosting 2 Websites on One Plan

InMotion Hosting is that the only shared web host on this list that gives an entry-level plan where you’ll host two websites on an equivalent plan. And it’s cheaper than other plans that host just one , at only $5.99 per month.

Plus, you won’t need to manage two plans on different platforms or affect the headaches it can cause with billing and renewals per annum .

InMotion Hosting just made this a heck of tons easier.

Let’s see how they score overall in our top five areas.

  • Ease of Use = 0/5
  • Uptime = 4/5
  • Speed = 5/5
  • Price = 3/5
  • Customer Support = 4/5
    Ease of Use: 0/5 – InMotion tied with A2 Hosting for the last place for simple use.

The customer dashboard is tough to navigate.

It’s tough to know what comes next or maybe see beyond the bunched-together interface .

When you finish the signup process there’s no instruction on the way to proceed. Making it very stressful for anyone not conversant in fixing web hosting.

We found the general experience lacking in structure.

But one thing InMotion offers may be a free 30-minute onboarding call, something no other web host on this list offers. which will assist you along the way if you’re confused.

Full disclosure: We opted to skip this free service and didn’t test this. So we cannot attest to its quality or helpfulness. we will only say that it’s a feature you’ll cash in of.

We feel If you get a knowledgeable rep, the feature might be really helpful.

But we still wish that there was more guidance for people who don’t want to use this feature or don’t have time to leap on a call with someone.

Here’s a quick walkthrough of the setup process.

The first screen starts together with your account information and therefore the plan selection. It also shows an overview of all the add-ons they provide .
In our opinion, the checkout process was clunky. It felt unnecessarily long compared to other checkout processes.

There were plenty of fields to fill out and a couple of pre-checked upsells.

After payment, we got a welcome message and therefore the choice to get help fixing a customized one-on-one call with a replacement Account Specialist.

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