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A2 Hosting — Most Dependable Hosting

Overall Score: 2.3 out of 5

A2 Hosting is documented for its blazing-fast site speeds. Our research put that to the test. You’ll find detailed data about it below.

But what we didn’t know—and found surprising—is how well their data centers perform in Europe and Asia.

They are exceptional at catering to visitors in these parts of the planet .

If you are doing business internationally in these areas, you would like an internet host you’ll trust that’s built to perform well for overseas customers.

A2 Hosting will exceed your expectations during this department, providing your visitors with speedy access to your website without a drag .

Now, thereupon said, we found A2 Hosting doesn’t perform needless to say in other areas we discover crucial in web hosting. Falling far behind other shared web hosting comparisons.

Let’s check out how well they performed.

  • Ease of Use = 0/5
  • Uptime = 3/5
  • Speed = 1/5
  • Price = 3/5
  • Customer Support = 4.33/5

Ease of Use: 2/5 – A2 Hosting proved to be one among the toughest web hosts to use when getting started. It’s surprisingly challenging with its difficult dashboard design and riddled with upsells during the checkout process.

We found it cluttered and difficult to navigate. to form matters worse, there have been no instructions on the way to start after checkout—leaving us frustrated as we clicked and scrolled trying to work things out.

It’s definitely a terrible user experience for us, one which will leave you feeling uneasy and lost if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Here’s how getting started looks.

When you first check in , you register a replacement domain or transfer an existing one, by updating nameservers or employing a temporary subdomain from A2.

After you finish the domain step, things get very cluttered and confusing.

You’re taken to a replacement screen that’s very overwhelming with such a lot crammed onto the screen.

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