Is Free VPN Safe to Use? – Myths vs. Reality

A VPN – Virtual Private Network is an innovation that allows your online gadgets to securely associate with a far off worker and show up in a space where you are not. The most unmistakable utilization of VPNs today is to increment online security and get around geo-impeding. Thus, free VPN is famous among its clients. In any case, there are additionally a few fantasies about free VPNs, which can prevent you from utilizing a free VPN.

We should examine the legends and real factors about the free VPN so you might conclude if to utilize it!

Fantasy # 1

Free VPN is Never Fast

Free VPN suppliers probably won’t give enhanced help capable in keeping a large number of associations. Consequently, numerous individuals may join free workers; their perusing may go through slacks or cradle all the more frequently. In any case, there are such countless different causes that may run more slow the VPN.


There might be a few factors that might cause the easing back down of your VPN. For instance, it is possible that the worker you picked is far off from your real area. Higher quantities of associations can likewise influence the speed of the VPN. The other factor might be the helpless plan of the worker. Continuously pick the one that ensures the speed of the VPN, as DewVPN.

Fantasy # 2

Region Coverage is Highly Limited

Another basic obstacle connected with free VPNs as far as region inclusion is that the VPN suppliers may be misleading about the spots they support. What’s more, a while later, you can’t get to those areas.


It very well may be valid in numerous occasions, yet numerous free VPN suppliers genuinely cover numerous areas. Like DewVPN, it has many workers in 50 nations from the whole way across the world.

Legend # 3

Free VPNs are Vulnerable

Administration activity and improvement frameworks are completely disconnected from whether the assistance is “paid” or “free.” It all turns around individuals working behind the VPN organization. Individuals feel that in the event that they utilize a paid assistance, it won’t ever leave them powerless, and by utilizing a free VPN, they might be gotten by a few difficulties.


It might once in a while happen that free VPN organizations might prod you from numerous points of view, however in the event that you pick an exceptionally trustworthy VPN organization, as DewVPN, they guarantee 100% security and 100% free limitless free VPN. Be that as it may, unfortunately, there are a couple of such free VPN suppliers.

Fantasy # 4

Free VPNs are Unlawful to Use

There’s a strange misconception about free VPN that on the off chance that you get uncovered using one, you’ll wind up visiting prison as it is an unlawful demonstration to exploit a VPN.


A great many people don’t realize that albeit fiendish characters now and again use VPNs to do illicit activities, utilizing a VPN without help from anyone else isn’t unlawful in any way!

Indeed, on the off chance that you’ll put stock in a poor VPN organization, you might wind up confronting numerous issues. Pick the one that ensures 100% security, as DewVPN.

Last Thoughts

As a general rule, free VPNs are a fantastic device for some reasons, however you shouldn’t acknowledge these legends about them. All you need to do to sidestep any entanglement is to pick it shrewdly and cautiously. In case you are confounded about picking a free VPN for use, you should allow an opportunity to DewVPN. Contact here and best of luck!

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