A No-Nonsense Mini Guide to Social Security Law

Are you expecting to receive your social security benefits within a few years?

If so, you might have some confusion about social security law. You might wonder how much you’ll have to contribute to receive social security benefits. You want to know when you can start collecting your benefits.

This no-nonsense mini-guide will cover the basics of social security law so that you’re better prepared when it comes time to receive your checks!

Here’s what you need to know about social security law:

What Is Social Security?

Social security is a tax that gets taken out of your income. Once you reach 65 years of age, you’ll receive this money back as a pension.

It was created to offer a government-backed pension program for Americans. It provides a social safety net for any American who hasn’t planned for retirement.

The higher your income is, the higher your social security benefits will be. There are also caps on the percentage of how much your social security tax shall be. This can change based on the viewpoint of the political administration in charge.

What About Disabilities?

One concern many senior citizens have is if they’ll receive additional social security benefits if they have a disability.

This scenario requires you to make a disability claim to receive additional money.

To qualify for additional money when you receive social security, one must specify their disability. Here’s what you’ll need to prove:

  • You’ll need to have earned 40 work credits in total¬†¬†
    • 20 of these work credits must be earned in the last decade

Each time you earn a certain amount of income each quarter, you’ll qualify for 1 work credit. The exact amount of income can change based on the current political administration’s policies.

Getting Your Social Security Benefits

One of the stresses of social security is that you’ll have to fight for your benefits.

As such, you want to make sure you have a verified doctor’s note if you have a disability. You should also keep a copy of your pay stubs each time you receive your income.

These pay stubs, along with your tax returns, are proof of how much social security tax you’ve paid. But what happens if you don’t receive your social security income?

You might need to hire a lawyer to help you fight to receive your social security benefits.

You can click for more information to learn about how you can fight your case to receive social security income. If you deal with any bureaucratic obstacles, you can depend on a great lawyer to help you get what’s rightfully yours!

That’s the Social Security Law

Now you know the basics of the social security law and how you can receive social security benefits.

These laws can change at any time and get changed on the federal level. As such, one should always pay attention to potential changes from each political administration.

If you have a disability, make sure you keep track of your work credits. You may need a verified doctor’s note to receive these benefits.

You can find more short legal guides on our website!

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