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Flyover Movie Review

Flyover is an adaptation of a Kannada supernatural thriller film, U Turn. sort of a true-blue adaptation, the Bengali version more-or-less follows equally of the first film with all its highs and lows. Hence, it’s futile to guage its storyline or making. While it manages to present a fast-moving thriller, it couldn’t avoid the gross predictability of the script.

Bidisha (Koel Mallick), a journalist, has been pursuing a wierd trend of traffic violations on Lake Gardens flyover. Some bikers tend to maneuver aside a few of boulders of the median to require a u-turn on the flyover. As Bidisha starts performing on her story, she is suddenly picked up by police on a murder indictment . Gobsmacked Bidisha, along side another junior officer, Gaurab Chakrabarty, realises, every violator during this moving-boulders case is dead. Despite all odds, the duo couldn’t resist chasing this ‘unputdownable’ mystery and needless to say , faces misery.

The film is fast, engaging and shows almost the proper amount of violence. the most important weakness, as mentioned earlier, is that the story’s predictability. The supernatural elements bring a touch little bit of thrill but definitely fails to deliver the chills.

Koel’s character is pretty almost like Swarnaja of Rawkto Rawhoshyo — her previous film, and she or he seems moderately ok in such characters. Gaurav is that the best takeaway. He fits pretty perfectly within the Kolkata Police uniform and becomes the policeman that folks during this city deserve. Shantilal Mukherjee too looks perfect within the character of Gaurav’s boss. Ravi Shaw, Bidisha’s love interest and colleague, wasn’t a convincing crime reporter. He looks, at the simplest , an intern lost during a newsroom. But he’s surely not rock bottom blow within the film. those that are Kaushik Roy’s admirers from the favored television program Khorkuto, please refrain from watching this film because the actor’s delivery might offer you a serious heartbreak. He looks pale, melodramatic and least convincing as Palash — one among the victims of traffic violations. His expressions are so lame that they seem funny sometimes .

It is a thriller with its shortcomings. However, it’s surely a one-time-watch before taking a u-turn from the theatres.

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